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Our Ethos

What we believe

We believe in the simple pleasure of better tasting, real food and in making it accessible to all. This means we have a philosophy around how we produce our food. It’s a philosophy of practical invention, keeping skills and flavours alive and making the most of our region. We adopt a slower and more responsible approach, ensuring our produce is better considered, produced and above all, tastes better.

As we produce the vast majority of what we sell, we can guarantee quality throughout the whole journey from farm to shop. We think this is important, so our customers can see open production at our shop and can touch, taste and smell the produce on offer.

Ludlow Farm is a place where people connect over a love of great tasting real food. It is a special place. We respect, protect and celebrate that.

What we stand for (our values)

  • Responsible – We take our commitment to welfare and quality seriously
  • Personal – We are people talking to people about a shared enjoyment of food
  • Inventive – Our independence give us freedom to be inventive. We create and rediscover food ideas making the best use of what’s available season by season
  • Connecting – Reaching out to share and spread the word about real food culture