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Our Food

Our food is made by real people using traditional methods that we have tried and tested. Our artisan producers make over half of the food we sell by hand. We believe that employing, training and supporting talented food producers is better than using machines.

Where we can’t make the food ourselves, we look to source from Shropshire and our surrounding counties. By sourcing locally we are able to provide the freshest food with fewer food miles. We are proud of our region and we want to support farmers, growers and artisans locally who share our passion for great food..

The beef, lamb, venison and Gloucester Old Spot pork that we sell from our butchery and that you will find in many of our products and menus, is reared on our own farms on land that surrounds the farm shop. Likewise, the milk used to create our cheese, ice cream and dairy desserts is collected daily from our own dairy farm just two miles away. We are therefore able to ensure optimum quality of our produce from farm to shop.

As our food is made in small batches by hand, we are able to see, smell and taste it so are able to keep complete control over everything we produce. This means we can offer you food of the highest quality and that tastes great.

As we adopt a slower and more responsible approach, we can ensure our produce is better considered, produced and above all, tastes better. We’re so confident in this that you will find many products available to taste in the shop or from our production counters.